Airtel Kenya - [ Octopus eRapid Testing System]

Company Profile
Airtel was launched in Kenya in 2000 as Kencell and rebranded to Zain in 2008 and finally Airtel in 2010.

Needs analysis
• Develop electronic testing system.
• Allow examiners to rapidly create assessments, make changes and also administer assessments from anywhere, anytime to all their trainees.
• Paperless system that is fully customizable and enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and improved learning outcomes.
• Automatic report generation.
• Monthly updates on the electronic testing systems.

Product/Service Offered:
eQuiz System (Octopus Rapid eTesting System - ORETS)
• Automation of assessments based on products which were paper based before.
• High cost savings on materials as this is a paperless system.
• Customized reporting.
• View results of test performance.
• Monthly updates.
• Real time exam monitoring and invigilation.
• Increased employee out put.
• Accurate identification of employee skill gap.
• Proper recording of employee progress from employment to retirement.