elearning consultancy

E-Learning is computer based training that enables people to learn no matter where they are so long as they have access to a personal computer. E-Learning enables skills enhancement even without attending a traditional classroom setting. It is a powerful tool to acquire knowledge and to stay up-to date and relevant in today’s knowledge based and competitive economy.

E-Learning is an efficient, effective, affordable and yet consistent method of knowledge transfer. This method of knowledge acquisition/transfer overcomes barriers of cost, time distance and socio-economic status, thereby allowing people to take charge of their own lifelong learning making it one of the fastest and most effective methods of training in the 21st century.

Our eLearning consultancy targets companies, institutions and organizations seeking to adopt a comprehensive eLearning program to provide training to those in its ranks who wish to undertake studies for self-improvement/progress but cannot be able to present themselves for the face-to-face training sessions in walled classrooms.

Our advice tips our clients on how to roll off an eLearning solution that is flexible, scalable and easy to upgrade to the changing requirements in the near or distant future including the financial estimates for the same. Usually, the solution we propose consists of three key items, namely,

Content Digitization & Development– We convert existing training materials into e-learning format that is easy to access & navigate, engaging, interactive, comprehensive, straightforward and quick & fun to use.

The provision of an eLearning Management System (LMS) – We design and develop an eLearning platform where the converted & developed courses are housed and managed. The LMS integrates many extensions that are suitable for our clients as per their demand.

Our consultancy package also includes the provision of comprehensive Training and Support to the staff responsible for managing the eLearning system.

Digital Course Packs (DCP): For our clients who have internet access challenges, we offer them one of our innovative solutions which enables students to carry the courses on their computers (be they Desktops or Laptops) via DCPs. The DCPs are produced using an advanced technology which enables compression and encryption of the converted content. The LMS experience is mimicked such that the learner gets the same feel and effect as if they were logged onto the internet. The converted course has all the required enhancements including Voice-overs, playback, illustrators and animations as if it were online.

With the proposed solution, one or several students can take specific training via the eLearning system, anytime, anywhere so long as they have access to a computer. With this solution, it is no longer necessary to wait for a certain number of trainees (quorum) before training is provided.