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eLearning Content Development

"Automate your Learning Management process and create a dynamic e-Learning environment through it"

To create the greatest impact and make learners engaged in the e-learning courses, we deploy graphical and interactive content display on these e-learning courses. Each course module is designed based on recognized and appropriate learning theories.

Engaging, easy to access, quick to use, comprehensive, straightforward, slick, fun – these are all pointers we consider.

The detailed e-Learning process involves the design and development of various interactive objects like;

  • Audio enabled and animated display, flash animations learning objects, interactive exercises/quizzes,
  • Graphic & Images (2D & 3D), Notes (PDF tutorial for instructor-led support), glossary, computerized tests and assessments,
  • Interactive 3D & virtual objects, mind-play objects and interactive games among many more.


A general course layout (pedagogical layout)

course layout

In the past, Octopus has offered Content Conversion as a service to a host of satisfied clients including government and commercial organizations such as Banks and learning institutions. The content areas have included technical skills, procedural skills, new hire orientation, soft skills, customer care and system simulations, business and mechanical.

Therefore, whether your course is custom-developed from scratch or starts with off-the-shelf components, Octopus Custom e-Content Development Services will create quality e-learning courseware for your institution.

Existing courses will be modified to meet your organizational needs, repurpose your existing instructor-led training or build a custom solution based on your vision and training goals.