Search Engine Optimization

If there is one thing your business needs more than anything else, it is a website. However, with so many of your competitors having a website, the question that follows is:

How can you stand out from the competition?

Parts of that answer lies in how you position yourself online.

You see many businesses and brands assume that having a website, a Facebook, or a Twitter account are enough. They take the traditional approach of advertising where customers will come to them as long as the doors to the business are open.


The Internet however doesn't work that way.

With so many 'doors' to go through and so many distractions online, your website, Facebook, or Twitter page are almost invisible to potential customers. Most of your potential customers have very specific patterns.

Here is a common scenario:

Most of your customers will either:

  • Get onto Google and Search for a product or service they want.
  • Log Onto Facebook and Search for a product or service they want.
  • Chat with friends on FB Messenger or WhatsApp, and ask for recommendations on a product or service they want.
  • Jump onto Twitter and check out trending topics and scroll down their timelines on brands and businesses they follow.

As the above pattern shows, it would be nearly impossible for clients to simply stumble upon your website, Facebook, or Twitter page if it is not known by someone or if it does not appear on top of search results for generic search results. 

Most of your potential clients don't know or recognize your business name, so they are not going to get onto Google and search for it.

Your goal as a business therefore is to get in front of your potential customers regardless of what it takes. This requires:

  • Having a regularly updated Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
  • Creating a variety of content such as blogs, videos, and images, and pushing these on the Internet regularly.
  • Running online ads that redirect potential clients to your social media pages, blog pages, or YouTube videos.
  • Getting your content featured on popular blogs, websites, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Admittedly, it is not possible to do all of the above on a limited budget, limited employees, and limited time. To accomplish the above you need:

  • A dedicated team,
  • A dedicated budget, and
  • Some level of experience

This is where we come in!!!

Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that you are well-represented online, you are leveraging the top social platforms, and doing so effectively, and we ensure your messages are getting across, and cut through to reach your target potential clients.

You don't have to spend months, and in some cases years, learning what works and what doesn't on the Internet. We have done the heavy lifting for you.

What is more, we offer a fully-integrated online marketing strategy that fits any business or brand, from small boutique stores that have limited budgets, to large organizations looking to scale and grow their online presence. We have a solution for any business or brand, regardless of their budget or size.


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